Anti-Racism Resources

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Not being racist is a step in the right direction, but it is not enough. To put an end to the systems that disadvantage people of color around the world, we must be ANTI-RACIST. Being anti-racist is an ongoing activity that involves learning about the root causes of inequality and the many solutions that can bring it to an end, educating others and encouraging conversations that are often challenging, and using whatever resources available to us—our time, our voice, our money—to assist others fighting systemic racism and violence every day.

As we have seen through the Faces of the #R2RVirtualMarathon project, the Run to Reach community and the global running community as a whole invite and support people of all racial, ethnic, sexual, gender, and religious identities. To be a part of this community is to ensure that each and every member is welcomed, supported, and protected. If you are someone whose various identities offer a privilege, use your privilege to support those without. Buy and read books to make yourself better. Donate to any of the countless organizations working to protect Black lives in the United States and elsewhere in the world. Sign petitions demanding that justice be served in the racist killings of black men, women, and children by both police and civilians. Call representatives Here is a list of some ways to be involved today.

Organizations to support with a donation:

Campaign Zero

Black Visions Collective

Black Curriculum (UK)

The Bail Project (for local bail funds, check the directory at the National Bail Fund Network website).

Fair Fight (Georgia, USA)

Know Your Rights Camp

Petitions to sign with your time:

Justice for George Floyd (*  Donations to petitions do NOT go to the cause itself, but to the website.

#JusticeForFloyd (Color of Change)

#JusticeForBigFloyd (Grassroots Law Project)

Justice for Breonna Taylor (*

Support with your voice:

Call your local representatives and urge them to implement police reform and specifically the policies outlined in Campaign Zero’s 8 Can’t Wait Project.

Books to read:

How to Be an Antiracist

The New Jim Crow

I Am Not Your Negro

White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism

Fatal Invention: How Science, Politics and Big Business Recreate Race in the 21st Century

Voting Resources:

If you have other suggestions for groups, organizations, programs, or petitions to support, please email them to