Why (Santa Marta) Colombia?

The Del Mar a la Cima Marathon takes place on the highest coastal mountain on the planet. Santa Marta is popularly known as Cartagena’s sleepy cousin and the gateway to Tayrona National park, a vast jungle preserve sheltering more than 300 species of birds that stretches along miles of mostly deserted beaches. It’s unreachable by car; you can only get there by foot or horseback. Considered one of the most biodiverse spots on the planet, egrets, flamingos and crocodiles wander the wetlands and beaches, while cotton-top tamarins swing from the twisted banyan and palm trees above. 

Why Madre?

Madre is another fantastic global organization partnering with grassroots women’s groups globally to help them achieve their goals. With projects in countries facing war and disaster from Nicaragua to Syria, Madre’s staff has spent the last 35 years supporting women’s activism through capacity building, legal advocacy and grantmaking. By mobilizing across these three paths at once, Madre has been able to create deep and wide effects in its 8 target countries. In the case of Colombia, decades of civil war between the army and anti-government guerrillas have left children, especially girls and young women, vulnerable to acts of extreme and personal violence. Madre has worked to combat this unfair engagement that has turned “bodies into battlefields” by partnering with Taller de Vida (“Life’s Workshop”). Through this engagement, Madre is able to offer counseling and peer support to survivors of war and trauma, giving them the opportunity to grow.

Join me on my journey to support Madre’s fight against trauma in Colombia.