Why (Accra) Ghana?

The capital of Ghana is a mix of crowded streets, fishing beaches and downtown skyscrapers. As the country’s largest and most connected city, Accra draws influences from all over to create an environment that moves with purpose without forgetting its connections to the past. The Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park hosts a mausoleum and museum honoring Ghana’s founder, and various other cultural and religious heritage sites abound in the tightly-packed capital. As the site of a marathon, Accra is perfect for its pre- and post-race food options, like kelewele (spicy plantains) banku (a doughy complement to tilapia), and waakye (rice and beans). 

Why CAMFED (Ghana)?

After connecting with CAMFED in Zimbabwe, I was incredibly impressed by the organization’s work and the programs it has developed around the world. That’s why I’m running in Ghana to support again the Campaign for Female Education. It is a wonderfully inspiring and impactful organization that brings education opportunities to women and girls across Africa. It operates knowing that for many young girls, poverty might make it next to impossible to receive an education. To bring this opportunity to girls throughout Ghana, CAMFED has partnered with over 1,100 schools to offer a cumulative 122,000 primary school and 72,000 secondary school scholarships since 1998. Between these scholarships and over 54,000 community activists, CAMFED has reached over 310,000 children across 4 regions and 31 districts in Ghana.

Join me on my journey to support CAMFED and bringing the opportunity of education to girls in Ghana.