Why (Antigua) Guatemala?

F­­­ew cities in Latin America match Antigua’s postcard allure or its ability to appear completely frozen in time. Despite being a short 40 km away from the concrete capital of Guatemala City, Antigua is a gateway to another century, lined with cobblestone streets and colorful stucco buildings. And while its stunning landscapes, world-renowned coffee, and papusas are reason enough to travel here, I am choosing to run in Guatemala to unite with other runners for an incredible cause – The Impact Marathon series.

Why the Impact Marathon Series Foundation?

Now hosted in over 4 countries around the world, the Impact Marathon Foundation (IMF) mission is to wholly integrate runners with local initiatives. The ingredients of sustainable tourism combine in this journey: physical activity and attention to social issues. Running becomes a vehicle of peace and solidarity at the Guatemala Marathon.

In Guatemala, IMF is working with 2 small organizations who are combating inequality: SERES, who recently won the UNESCO–Japan Prize in Education for Sustainable Development, provides education and holistic community training programs to over 1,500 young Guatemalans. SERES is also helping people directly impacted by the Volcán de Fuego eruption in Guatemala to “bounce forward” through economic and social transformation by 2025.

The second organization supported in Guatemala—Caras Alegres, is committed to strengthening the community of Las Rosas by offering after-school programming and other resources to promote the wellbeing of at-risk children. After school, the children have no one at home to look after them, help with their homework, or feed them. This group provides a powerful support network that ensures the youth are safe, off the streets, and developing their autonomous skill sets.

Join me on my journey to support Seres & Caras Alegres in Guatemala through the IMF’s marathon mission.