Why (Lake Hovsgol) Mongolia?

Images of Mongolia’s blue skies, herds of wild horses, expansive landscapes, and of course—its connection to the legendary Genghis Khan, has captivated my imagination for years. Landlocked between Russia and China, Mongolia is considered the least densely populated country in the world: there are currently 13 times more horses than humans in the country, and sheep outnumber humans 25:1. The Mongolia Marathon takes runners through river valleys, mossy forests and dirt trails with the chance of encountering reindeer-herding locals, wild sheep, bear and moose, and culminates at Lake Hovsgol, one of the world’s deepest freshwater lakes.

Why MONES?  

Since 2000, the Mongolian Women’s Fund (MONES) has been supporting this aim of Mongolia’s female politicians through its work to uphold, protect, and respect the rights of all women in Mongolia. With grant-making and fundraising programs in areas from women in climate change to women’s role in good governance, accountability, and transparency, MONES hopes to lead the fight for Mongolian women’s rights by “empowering women and increasing women’s creative participation in enhancement of the implementation of principles of justice, equality and transparency.” MONES’s campaigns have reached all around the world, like One Billion Rising: a campaign to raise awareness for and end gender violence against women that has since spread to 200 countries around the globe.

Join me on my journey to support MONES in Mongolia.