Why Andorra?

I was still on SUCH a runner’s high after the virtual marathon that the 30th race sort of snuck up on me. Borders were beginning to reopen all throughout Europe, and my dreams of running my final race in a new place were beginning to come together once again. I considered boarding a flight and traveling to Greece, or to Italy, or to Sweden—all places that had been on my original list of countries to run. But as much as I wanted to continue my journey around the world, the thought of taking a plane to run a race by myself, only to come right back home was not the most exciting. But then I came across Andorra—a beautiful, mountainous country tucked in between France and Spain. It was perfect! No planes, beautiful weather, and stunning scenery to complete the final marathon of Run to Reach! I partnered with Visit Andorra and was given the most incredible guidance, hospitality, and lodging for my visit. And completing this final race—30 miles on my 30th birthday—with my husband waiting for me at the end just put the incredible final touches on the most formative experience of my life.

Why Putali Nepal?

This final race was supposed to take me to Mt. Everest, finishing the Run to Reach project literally on top of the world. And while this goal has not materialized (yet!), I wanted to follow through on the support that I had pledged to Putali covers an issue that is specific to women, but by no means contained within Nepal, or even Asia: menstrual health and hygiene. In many societies around the world, menstruation is an unspoken topic, often times seen as taboo or even shameful. By taking health and hygiene education directly to women and girls, Putali has facilitated the creation of safe spaces for learning and sharing personal experiences in schools, local communities and women’s organizations. Putali provides support through these educational workshops but also by supplying women with sanitary and high-quality menstrual cups. Together, these initiatives have reached districts across Nepal and allowed women and girls to feel comfortable with their own bodies.


Join me on my journey to support Putali cause in Nepal.