Why (Muscat) Oman?

The Run to Reach campaign (and my 11th marathon) will kick off in Muscat. Oman. Because when was the last time you ever heard someone say, “that one time in Muscat…”?

Unlike other high-rise cities of the modern-day Middle East, Oman is known for preserving the culture of years past. Nestled between the Al Hajar mountains and the Arabian Gulf, Oman’s capital, Muscat, is a sea of domed roofs and small villages painted in shades of vanilla and beige. Oman’s tolerance towards different cultures, religions, and viewpoints allows it to be the sole country in the region that maintains amicable relations with its neighbors. After all, Muscat means ‘safe anchorage’ in Arabic.

Why Dar Al Atta’a?

I invite you to follow me on my journey here in support of Dar Al Atta’a, one of Oman’s leading charities against the fight to eradicate poverty in the Sultanate kingdom. Focusing on both family welfare, education, empowerment, and disaster relief programs, Dar Al Atta’a to date has improved the lives of over 170,000 families throughout Oman.  Beyond its ambitious goals, what drew me to supporting DAA was it’s willingness to share very detailed information on all of its different programs and a breakdown of just how far every donated dollar will go, to quantify the impact of each program the charity executes. For example, around 65 uSD could cover the cost of a student’s meal at school for an entire year, or around $100 would allow rural women to attend courses to develop abilities and skills to produce their own products and then DAA could sell them in market to ensure sustainability in their home business.

All of these qualities, make DAA a highly impactful charity whose activities can strongly be connected to improved lives.

Join me on my journey to support Dar Al Atta’a in Oman.