Why (Atlanta) the United States?

At first, I was not planning on running one of the Run to Reach marathons in Atlanta. I spent so much of my life there and wanted this project to be a true adventure, so I set my sights on other locations around the world — but how could I complete this campaign without sharing it with my home community? I couldn’t, and I won’t. That’s why I’ll be returning home to run in the 2020 Publix Atlanta Marathon, taking me around the city I grew up in. Along with nearly 10,000 other runners, I’ll tour the city’s beauty and history: the 1996 Olympic Rings, Martin Luther King Jr. Park, Georgia State University, and Little Five Points, to name a few landmarks. I’m excited to be running my first marathon in the fifty states, and especially happy it is somewhere important to me!  

Why Back on My Feet?

I’m looking forward to partnering with Back on My Feet, a national organization that “combats homelessness through the power of running, community support and essential employment and housing resources.” By partnering with other large organizations and companies, Back on My Feet has brought key workforce development training to members, including in soft skills, hard skills, and financial literacy. Since its founding in 2007, Back on My Feet has trained and educated over 2,500 members, brought jobs and homes to over 6,500, and gained over 150,000 volunteers and supporters in Atlanta and its other 12 core cities. As a motive for these developments, the Back on My Feet runners have logged over 940,000 miles and over 450 marathons, with more than 1,800 members logging 100 miles or more. I’m happy to share with Back on My Feet the core belief that running is capable of much more than movement—it is a driver of change all across the world.

Join me on my journey to support women coming out of homelessness in Atlanta!