Why (Socotra) Yemen?

The Socotra Islands are one of the Middle East’s hidden paradises. An archipelago in the Indian Ocean, Socotra is largely an isolated ecosystem, with one third of its plant life and nearly 90% of its lizard species found nowhere else in the world. Standing out among these unique flora and fauna is the Dragon’s Blood tree, Dracaena cinnabari, a stunning plant that is even more shocking inside than out: when cut, the wood released a deep red sap, “bleeding” in an all-too-human way. Socotra’s population of about 60,000 people is mostly concentrated on the northern coast in Hadibo, spread between the azure sea and the shadowy heights of the Haggier Mountains.


Why SaferWorld

SaferWorld is a non-profit based in the United Kingdom working to “prevent violent conflict and build safer lives” in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Since 2010, SaferWorld has been 

working with Yemeni civil society organizations to provide safety and relief to their communities. This goal became especially relevant after the outbreak of war in Yemen in 2015, claimin

g the lives of thousands so far and causing 80% of the population to seek humanitarian aid. Because of this conflict, many women have become “the sole providers for their children and families – either because they have been widowed or because their husbands and sons are away from home for the war.” Working with local women, SaferWorld and its partners have bolstered women’s activism, strengthened existing initiatives, and promoted “the essential role of women in conflict prevention and resolution locally, nationally and internationally.”

Join me on my journey to support SaferWorld and the support of women’s activism, conflict resolution, and safer women’s lives in Yemen.