Guatemala Impact Marathon

Why Antigua, Guatemala

F­­­ew cities in Latin America seem to match Antigua’s postcard allure or its ability to appear completely frozen in time. Despite being a short 40 km away from the concrete capital of Guatemala City, Antigua is a gateway to another century, lined with cobblestone streets and colorful stucco buildings. And while its stunning landscapes, world-renown coffee, and papusas are reason enough for me to want to travel here, I am choosing to run in Guatemala to unite with other runners for an incredible cause – The Impact Marathon series.

Why the Impact Marathon Series Foundation (IMS)?

Now hosted in over four countries around the world, the Impact Marathon Foundation’ mission is to wholly integrate runners with local initiatives in the communities they run in. IMS aims to provide a synthesis between travel, running and voluntary work; by harnessing the power of running, they believe runners can make a true impact in the developing world. Their impact projects are massively ambitious and focus not on an ‘easy fix’ or ‘feel good’ experience, instead are working  to drive systemic and long term change in a deeply challenged country.

From supporting ostracized indigenous communities, to the challenge of inspiring a new generation to be young leaders, we will be working directly with two local organizations – SERES and Caras Alegre – to catalyze real, sustainable change in Guatemala.

Join me (as a run up a literal volcano during this marathon!) to empower the local Antiguan population and build their capacity to take control over the quality of their lives.