Israel/Palestine Marathon

Why Bethlehem?

The ongoing dispute between Israel and Palestine has been ingrained in our memories since we first started watching the news. Decades later, the conflict persists and Palestine still fails to fall under any sort of ‘holiday destination’ wishlist for even the most intrepid traveler. However, once stereotypes are set aside, this neighboring countries boast more historical, religious, and cultural heritage than almost anywhere else in the world. Preconceptions are quickly overturned after visiting the stunning olive-tree lined landscapes of Battir, experiencing the renown, colorful food scene of Nablus, or getting lost in the narrow alleyways of one of the world’s oldest cities, Jericho. I also come here to open the space of contact between Palestinians, Israel, and the world; allowing Palestinians and Israeli people to both assert their identities, uphold their cultures, and open the dialogue for a future peace solution.

Why Right to Movement?

Right to Movement (RTM) is a social running group that highlights the basic human right of freedom of movement and empowers women to be the future leaders and runners of Palestine. RTM has nine branches all over Palestine and a few international branches. RTM is the founder of the Palestine Marathon that attracts thousands of runners annually in Bethlehem and is the founder of Plogging Palestine; an eco-friendly initiative that combines running with picking up litter. RTM leaders and community managers in different cities organize weekly runs and social exercise activities. RTM also organize hiking activities in rural areas. RTM have led over 15 delegations to international races, genderally equal, representing all of the nine groups. Such participation aims at breaking stereotypes surrounding Palestinians and introducing a different perspective about Palestinian youth RTM Palestine will participate in Welsh Castles Relay race in Wales in 8th and 9th of June 2019. RTM is also organizing a running campaign in September in the US  “Make America Fund UNRWA again”.