Challenges Facing the Giving Market Today

Where does one even begin when selecting 20 local non-profit organizations in countries they are completely unfamiliar with? This task seemed daunting with the thousands of non-profits to choose from. 

Almost every organization seemed to be changing lives, but how could I be confident that they were each accomplishing what they claim to be?

Too few financially capable donors (including myself) contribute to organizations today, not because they are not the giving type, but because they feel alienated from the non-profit world. The non-profit sector is oversaturated, further clouded by continuous scandals that arise from the misuse of funds.

The Selection Process for the 20 Organizations Spotlighted

With this knowledge, I made it my priority to select 20 organizations that I felt a strong connection to, who demonstrated transparency, and that were also willing to support me during my campaign.

Taking note of “effectiveness” rankings on the GiveWell website, an independent charity evaluator, these organizations were chosen to fit Run to Reach’s model of empowering local communities. Within this theme, the partner organizations of Run to Reach work to tackle three crucial issues that appear frequently around the world by doing the following:

  1. Elevating and recognizing the power of untold stories
  2. Empowering women to define their own identities
  3. Pushing boundaries to show individuals they have the capacity to evoke change

The reach doesn’t end after I unlace my running shoes; I will be continuing to work with each non-profit during the duration of this 18-month campaign and would be thrilled to prolong funding for these organizations.

While I do not expect to change the culture of giving completely, I hope you follow my journey to give towards these 20 phenomenal non-profit organizations who are supporting individuals to live a much higher quality of life, finding common ground in ongoing conflicts, and restoring our planet. Let’s hit the pavement.

Please do not hesitate to contact me ( if you have any further questions on any of the 20 organizations highlighted during my Run to Reach campaign. @runtoreach