Sunrise to Sunset Marathon

Why Lake Hovsgol, Mongolia?

Images of Mongolia’s blue skies, herds of wild horses, expansive landscapes, and of course—its connection to the legendary Genghis Khan, has captivated my imagination for years. Landlocked between Russia and China, Mongolia is considered the least densely populated country in the world: there are currently 13 times more horses than humans in the country, and sheep outnumber humans 25 to one. Yet its vast natural resources in copper, gold, uranium, and coal, has allowed Mongolia to be in the ranks as one of the world’s fasting growing economies.

Why World Vision Mongolia?  

Despite its recent rise in the country’s overall GDP wealth, most of the rural population found outside of the main city, Ulaanbaatar, still lives in extreme poverty. For over 30 years, World Vision has helped transform rural development through education and health-centered initiatives, as well as continues to provide yearly emergency relief during Mongolia’s severely cold winters, known as dzuds.

Join me in supporting World Vision help Mongolia achieve transformational development for its rural communities, to diversify incomes, improve food security, educate children, and prepare for frequent, disastrous dzuds.