Two Oceans Marathons

Why Cape Town, South Africa?

With its blend of stunning natural landscapes, diversity of cultures, and bright African sunshine, Cape Town has always been a dream destination; where life is savored and time seems to slow. Although South Africa has eleven official languages, the warmth of the South African people has always been described to be as the most common denominator across all cultures in Cape Town.

Why Populations Services International?

Beyond the expansive ocean landscapes, the Two Oceans Marathons in Cape Town is a race to support Population Services International (PSI), which provides healthcare and family planning services to women in developing countries who cannot access or afford it. In South Africa, PSI has partnered with Society for Family Health (SFH), a leading social marketing services—to provide lubricants, HIV testing services, TB screening, and education-based sexuality and HIV prevention programs to woman and their families across the country. In 2015 alone, PSI, together with SFH, helped avert almost 5 million lost years of “healthy life” around the world. Join me in the race to empower women and couples in South Africa to continue leading healthy lives and plan the family they envision creating for themselves.